Talent Department

Talent Department

Our key asset is the knowledge, the experience and the commitment of our employees.

We wish our employees to regard Systematic as an exciting and challenging company in which we work to the highest quality standards and with the latest software technologies.

In Sunray practically all software development takes place in teams. We attach great importance to the continuous professional and personal development of each employee. We expect them to take responsibility, to manage their jobs by themselves and to seek challenges through job rotation, post-graduate training, managerial and specialist tasks.

The successful implementation of complex and often critical software projects requires efficient teamwork. Project members are therefore teamed up with the optimum blend of skills required to meet the needs of each specific project. In most cases, all members of a project team will be involved in the work from beginning to end. This means that they participate in all development stages; from analysis, requirements specification, design, programming and testing to documentation, installation and user training.

Through annual performance reviews, job satisfaction surveys and an open dialogue we match our expectations to one another on a continuous basis.

Our employees enjoy the freedom to manage their own work, at their own pace, whilst observing time, cost and quality objectives.


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